Horizon (1964)


Genre: Documentary

About: The title of this series is Horizon which was first released in the year 1964 and is known to be in the documentary genre. You can enjoy watching the episodes here for free. Putlockers will add new episode once it is available online. You can choose which episode to watch below.

Plot: Horizon is BBC Two's flagship 50-minute science documentary series. In September 2014 it celebrated its 50th anniversary and it continues to enjoy outstanding critical acclaim. Recognised as the world leader in its field, it regularly wins a sweep of international science, medical and environmental film accolades, and has recently won the Royal Television Society Award and the Prix Italia. In 2002, the British Academy of Film & Television Arts presented Horizon with the BAFTA Television Award for Best Factual Series or Strand. In 2003 it won the prestigious Images et Science award for best medical documentary and the Carl von Linne Award at the Living Europe film festival in Sweden. That year, a Horizon co-production with WGBH Boston won the Emmy for best documentary. Read More



Episode 7: The £10 Million Challenge
Episode 6: Living with Autism
Episode 5: How You Really Make Decisions
Episode 4: The Power of the Placebo
Episode 3: Man on Mars - Mission to the Red Planet
Episode 2: Swallowed by a Sinkhole
Episode 1: Sugar v Fat
Episode 13: Dinosaurs: The Hunt for Life
Episode 12: Defeating the Hackers
Episode 11: Monitor Me
Episode 10: The Truth About Personality
Episode 9: What Makes us Human?
Episode 8: Swallowed by a Black Hole
Episode 7: Fracking: The New Energy Rush
Episode 6: Little Cat Diaries
Episode 5: The Secret Life of the Cat
Episode 4: The Age of Big Data
Episode 3: The Truth about Taste
Episode 2: How to Avoid Mistakes in Surgery
Episode 1: The Creative Brain: How Insight Works
Episode 12: Defeating the Superbugs
Episode 11: How Small is the Universe?
Episode 10: How Big Is the Universe?
Episode 9: Eat, Fast and Live Longer
Episode 8: The Truth About Looking Young
Episode 7: Defeating Cancer
Episode 6: Global Weirding
Episode 5: The Truth about Fat
Episode 4: Out of Control?
Episode 3: Solar Storms: The Threat to Planet Earth
Episode 2: The Truth About Exercise
Episode 1: Playing God
Episode 14: Fukushima: Is Nuclear Power Safe?
Episode 13: Are You Good or Evil?
Episode 12: The Core
Episode 11: The Nine Months That Made You
Episode 10: Seeing Stars
Episode 9: Do You See What I See?
Episode 8: Predators in Your Backyard
Episode 7: Are We Still Evolving?
Episode 6: How to Mend a Broken Heart
Episode 5: Surviving a Car Crash
Episode 4: The Secret World of Pain
Episode 3: Science Under Attack
Episode 2: What is Reality?
Episode 1: What is One Degree?
Episode 15: Deepwater Disaster: The Untold Story
Episode 14: Asteroids: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Episode 13: Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human Genome
Episode 12: Is Seeing Believing?
Episode 11: What Happened Before the Big Bang?
Episode 10: The Death of the Oceans
Episode 9: Back from the Dead
Episode 8: Is Everything We Know About the Universe Wrong?
Episode 7: Did Cooking Make Us Human?
Episode 6: What Makes a Genius?
Episode 5: To Infinity and Beyond
Episode 4: Don't Grow Old
Episode 3: Pill Poppers
Episode 2: Why Do Viruses Kill?
Episode 1: The Secret Life of the Dog
Episode 17: How Long is a Piece of String?
Episode 16: Why Do We Talk?
Episode 15: Who's Afraid of a Big Black Hole?
Episode 14: Fix Me
Episode 13: The Secret You
Episode 12: Do I Drink Too Much?
Episode 10: Alan and Marcus Go Forth and Multiply
Episode 9: Why Can't We Predict Earthquakes?
Episode 7: How to Survive a Disaster
Episode 6: What's the Problem with Nudity?
Episode 5: The Secret Life of Your Bodyclock
Episode 3: Why Do We Dream?
Episode 2: Cannabis: The Evil Weed?
Episode 1: Why Are Thin People Not Fat?
Episode 17: Where's My Robot?
Episode 16: Allergy Planet
Episode 15: Do You Know What Time It Is?
Episode 14: Jimmy's GM Food Fight
Episode 13: How Mad Are You? (2 of 2)
Episode 12: How Mad Are You? (1 of 2)
Episode 11: The President's Guide to Science
Episode 10: How Does Your Memory Work?
Episode 9: How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?
Episode 8: Are we Alone in the Universe?
Episode 7: Prof. Regan's Supermarket Secrets
Episode 6: How to Live to be 101
Episode 5: How to Make Better Decisions
Episode 4: Is Alcohol Worse than Ecstasy?
Episode 3: What on Earth is Wrong With Gravity?
Episode 2: Total Isolation
Episode 1: How to Kill a Human Being
Episode 9: How to Commit the Perfect Murder
Episode 8: The Six Billion Dollar Experiment
Episode 7: Skyscraper Fire Fighters
Episode 6: Battle of the Brains
Episode 5: Moon for Sale
Episode 4: Mad but Glad
Episode 3: Prof Regan's Beauty Parlour
Episode 2: The Elephant's Guide to Sex
Episode 1: My Pet Dinosaur
Episode 19: We are the Aliens
Episode 18: Pandemic
Episode 17: The Great Robot Race
Episode 16: Human v2.0
Episode 15: The Worlds First Face Transplant
Episode 14: Chimps are People Too
Episode 13: Survivors Guide to Plane Crashes
Episode 12: Tutankhamun's Fireball
Episode 11: Nuclear Nightmares
Episode 10: We Love Cigarettes
Episode 9: Bye Bye Planet Pluto
Episode 8: The Genius Sperm Bank
Episode 7: The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow
Episode 6: Winning Gold in 2012
Episode 5: Most of Our Universe Is Missing
Episode 4: The Lost City of New Orleans
Episode 3: A War on Science
Episode 2: Waiting for a Heartbeat
Episode 1: Space Tourists
Episode 20: The Ghost in Your Genes
Episode 19: The 7/7 Bombers: A Psychological Investigation
Episode 18: Titan. A Place Like Home?
Episode 17: Madagascar - A Treetop Odyssey
Episode 16: Could Fish Make My Child Smart?
Episode 15: The Doctor Who Makes People Walk Again?
Episode 14: The Mystery of the Human Hobbit
Episode 13: The Hawking Paradox
Episode 12: Tsunami: Naming the Dead
Episode 11: Malaria: Defeating the Curse
Episode 10: Does the MMR Jab Cause Autism?
Episode 9: The Next Megaquake
Episode 8: The Lost Civilisation of Peru
Episode 7: Who's Afraid of Designer Babies?
Episode 6: An Experiment to Save the World
Episode 5: Neanderthal
Episode 4: Living with ADHD
Episode 3: Einstein's Equation of Life and Death
Episode 2: Einstein's Unfinished Symphony
Episode 1: Global Dimming
Episode 18: Dr Money and the Boy with No Penis
Episode 17: The Hunt for the Supertwister
Episode 16: Saturn - Lord of the Rings
Episode 15: Making Millions the Easy Way
Episode 14: What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?
Episode 13: Derek Tastes of Earwax
Episode 12: King Solomon's Tablet of Stone
Episode 11: The Truth About Vitamins
Episode 10: The Truth of Troy
Episode 9: Project Poltergeist
Episode 8: T-Rex - Warrior or Wimp?
Episode 7: Diamond Labs
Episode 6: Thalidomide - A Second Chance?
Episode 5: The Dark Secret of Hendrik Schön
Episode 4: Secrets of the Star Disc
Episode 3: The Atkins Diet
Episode 2: The Moscow Theatre Siege
Episode 1: The Demonic Ape
Episode 19: Time Trip
Episode 18: Percy Pilcher's Flying Machine
Episode 17: The Hunt for an AIDS Vaccine
Episode 16: Last Flight of the Columbia
Episode 15: The Bible Code
Episode 14: The Big Chill
Episode 13: SARS: The True Story
Episode 12: Flight 587
Episode 11: God On The Brain
Episode 10: The Secret Life Of Caves
Episode 9: Life On Mars (Update)
Episode 8: Earthquake Storms
Episode 7: Trial and Error
Episode 6: The Day We Learned To Think
Episode 5: Sexual Chemistry (Update)
Episode 4: Dirty Bomb
Episode 3: Averting Armageddon
Episode 2: Living Nightmare
Episode 1: The Mystery Of Easter Island
Episode 18: The Secret of El Dorado
Episode 17: The Day the Earth Nearly Died
Episode 16: Homeopathy: The Test
Episode 15: Stone Age Columbus
Episode 14: Freak Wave
Episode 12: The A6 Murder
Episode 11: Killer Lakes
Episode 10: The Mystery of the Jurassic
Episode 9: Archimedes' Secret
Episode 8: The Fall of the World Trade Center
Episode 7: The Dinosaur that Fooled the World
Episode 6: Parallel Universes
Episode 5: Death of the Iceman
Episode 4: The Lost Pyramids of Caral
Episode 2: Volcano Hell
Episode 1: Helike - The Real Atlantis
Episode 11: Cloning the First Human
Episode 10: The Death Star
Episode 9: Life Blood
Episode 8: The Ape that Took Over the World
Episode 7: The Mystery of the Persian Mummy
Episode 5: Snowball Earth
Episode 4: Ecstasy and Agony
Episode 3: Killer Algae
Episode 2: The Missing Link
Episode 1: The Mystery of the Miami Circle
Episode 19: The Boy who was Turned into a Girl
Episode 18: Supermassive Black Holes
Episode 17: Extreme Dinosaurs
Episode 16: The Valley of Life or Death
Episode 15: The Secret Treasures of Zeugma
Episode 14: Vanished: The Plane that Disappeared
Episode 13: The Lost World of Lake Vostok
Episode 12: Conjoined Twins
Episode 11: Mega-Tsunami: Wave of Destruction
Episode 10: Moon Children
Episode 9: Constant Craving: The Science of Addiction
Episode 8: Planet Hunters
Episode 7: Is GM Safe?
Episode 6: Complete Obsession - Body Dysmorphia
Episode 5: Miracle In Orbit
Episode 4: Supervolcanoes
Episode 2: The Lost City of Nasca
Episode 13: The Midas Formula
Episode 12: Anatomy of an Avalanche
Episode 11: Volcanoes of the Deep
Episode 10: Mistaken Identity
Episode 9: Wings of Angels
Episode 8: Skeleton Key
Episode 7: New Asteroid Danger
Episode 6: New Star in Orbit
Episode 5: Sudden Death
Episode 1: From Here to Infinity
Episode 18: Beyond a Joke
Episode 17: Thalidomide: A Necessary Evil
Episode 16: The Life & Times of Life & Time
Episode 12: Sexual Chemistry
Episode 11: Gulf War Jigsaw
Episode 10: Magic Bullet
Episode 9: The Computer that Ate Hollywood
Episode 7: The Curse of Vesuvius
Episode 4: Hopeful Monsters
Episode 15: The Man Who Lost his Body
Episode 14: The Virus that Cures
Episode 13: Out of Asia
Episode 12: Mind Over Body
Episode 11: Crater of Death
Episode 10: Destination Mars (Update)
Episode 7: Turned On by Danger
Episode 6: Silent Children, New Language
Episode 5: Smallpox on Death Row
Episode 4: Genius of the Jet
Episode 3: Shipwreck
Episode 1: Psychedelic Science
Episode 16: Noah's Flood
Episode 15: The Time Lords
Episode 13: Aliens from Mars
Episode 12: TV is Dead, Long Live TV
Episode 11: Fallout from Chernobyl
Episode 10: Inside Chernobyl's Sarcophagus (Update)
Episode 9: The Planet Hunters
Episode 7: Assault on the Male (revisited)
Episode 6: Masters of the Ionosphere
Episode 5: The Gene Race
Episode 3: A Miracle for Cancer?
Episode 2: Fermat's Last Theorem
Episode 1: The Butchers of Boxgrove
Episode 20: The Runaway Mountain
Episode 19: AIDS: Behind Closed Doors
Episode 18: A Code in the Nose
Episode 17: Hunt for the Doomsday Asteroid (Update)
Episode 16: Nanotopia
Episode 14: Liar
Episode 13: Hearing Voices
Episode 11: Foetal Attraction
Episode 10: The I-Bomb
Episode 9: Icon Earth
Episode 8: The Betrayers
Episode 7: Exodus
Episode 6: Farewell Fantastic Venus
Episode 5: Too Big Too Soon?
Episode 3: Bones of Contention
Episode 21: Designer Wines
Episode 20: Orange Sherbet Kisses
Episode 19: Close Encounters
Episode 17: Whispers of Creation
Episode 15: Ulcer Wars
Episode 14: Blueprints of Genocide
Episode 13: Against The Clock
Episode 11: Sir Walter's Journey
Episode 10: Too Close to the Sun
Episode 9: Some Liked It Hot
Episode 8: Hubble Vision
Episode 5: Death Wish - The Untold Story
Episode 4: Genie
Episode 3: The Man Who Made Up His Mind
Episode 1: Small Arms, Soft Targets
Episode 21: Life is Impossible
Episode 20: Chimp Talk
Episode 19: A Vital Poison
Episode 18: The Electronic Frontier
Episode 17: Wot U Looking At?
Episode 16: Allergic to the 20th Century
Episode 15: The New Alchemists
Episode 14: Ghosts in the Dinosaur Graveyard
Episode 13: Dante Goes to Hell
Episode 12: Resurrecting the Dead Sea Scrolls
Episode 11: Whatever Happened to Star Wars
Episode 10: Iceman (Update)
Episode 9: Here Be Monsters
Episode 8: The Pyramid Builders
Episode 7: Suggers, Fruggers and Data-Muggers
Episode 6: Mars Alive
Episode 4: No Ordinary Genius (1)
Episode 3: TB - The Forgotten Plague
Episode 1: Awakening the Frozen Addicts
Episode 17: Dodging Doomsday
Episode 15: Taking the Credit
Episode 14: Iceman
Episode 13: The Man who Moved the Mountains
Episode 12: Before Babel
Episode 10: Hot Jam in the Doughnut
Episode 9: The Strange Life and Death of Dr. Turing
Episode 8: An Expensive Theology
Episode 7: Hitler's Bomb
Episode 6: The Black Sun
Episode 5: Malaria: Battle of the Merozoites
Episode 4: In Search of the Noble Savage
Episode 3: Molecules With Sunglasses
Episode 23: T-Rex Exposed
Episode 19: Of Big Bangs, Stick Men and Galactic Holes
Episode 17: Emerging Viruses
Episode 16: Colonising Cyberspace
Episode 14: The First Americans
Episode 13: Measuring the Roof of the World
Episode 9: The Curse of Karash
Episode 5: Small Problems with the Mirror
Episode 3: Smokers Can Harm Your Health
Episode 1: Sudden Death
Episode 20: AIDS: A Quest for a Cure
Episode 19: Signs of Life
Episode 14: The Company of Ants and Bees
Episode 13: The Sharpest Show of the Universe
Episode 11: Cold Fusion
Episode 9: Hurricane!
Episode 5: Encounter With Neptune
Episode 4: From Earth to Miranda
Episode 18: Clive Sinclair: The Anatomy of an Inventor
Episode 16: Crash
Episode 9: Concerto
Episode 7: Gaze in Wonder
Episode 5: Wasting the Alps
Episode 4: Smart Weapons
Episode 3: Perils of the Deep
Episode 1: The Book of Man
Episode 25: The Quest for Tannu Tuva
Episode 23: Superconductor - The Race for the Prize
Episode 22: A Good Test?
Episode 21: A Newsday Revolution
Episode 19: Traces of Murder
Episode 18: Cancer at Bay
Episode 14: Easter Island - The Story
Episode 13: Easter Island - The Secrets
Episode 8: Thinking
Episode 6: The Greenhouse Effect
Episode 5: Death of the Working Classes
Episode 4: The Canal in the Jungle
Episode 3: Playing With Madness
Episode 1: The Transplanted Brain
Episode 19: The Riddle of the Joints
Episode 18: Aircrash: The Burning Issue
Episode 17: The Anthropic Principle
Episode 16: Making Sex Pay
Episode 12: The Magma Chamber
Episode 11: To Engineer Is Human
Episode 9: Can AIDS Be Stopped
Episode 6: Bruno Bettelheim: A Sense of Surviving
Episode 5: Bruno Bettelheim: The Man Who Cared For Children
Episode 4: Riding The Stack
Episode 3: The Blind Watchmaker
Episode 20: Who Built Stonehenge?
Episode 19: Uranus Encounter
Episode 14: Nice Guys Finish First
Episode 11: In the Wake of HMS Sheffield
Episode 8: The Children of Eve
Episode 6: The Wrong Stuff
Episode 4: The Mould, the Myth and the Microbe
Episode 2: Genesis
Episode 13: The Goddess of the Earth
Episode 11: How to Film the Impossible
Episode 8: What Einstein Never Knew
Episode 5: The Mystery of the Left Hand
Episode 1: Colourful Notions
Episode 22: Supercharged
Episode 21: A Mathematical Mystery Tour
Episode 7: Reflections on a River
Episode 5: Valley of the Inca
Episode 2: Microworld!
Episode 21: The Earthquake Connection
Episode 19: A Child's Guide To Languages
Episode 17: Professor Hawking's Universe
Episode 13: Killer in the Village
Episode 10: Better Mind the Computer
Episode 3: The Geneva Event
Episode 22: The Mysterious Mr. Tesla
Episode 20: The Chopper
Episode 14: The Case of the UFOs
Episode 13: The Miracle of Life
Episode 4: Whatever Happened to the Energy Crisis?
Episode 1: The Secret of the Snake
Episode 27: Painting by Numbers
Episode 26: The Race Against Time
Episode 23: Death of the Dinosaurs
Episode 14: Resolution on Saturn - The Rings
Episode 12: Did Darwin Get It Wrong?
Episode 9: Gentlemen, Lift Your Skirts
Episode 1: Spend and Prosper
Episode 22: The Mondragon Experiment
Episode 21: Behind the Horoscope
Episode 20: Smoker's Luck
Episode 18: The Dead Sea Lives
Episode 16: Moving Still
Episode 13: Beyond the Milky Way
Episode 8: Encounter With Jupiter
Episode 23: Uranium Goes Critical
Episode 9: Now the Chips Are Down
Episode 5: The Message In The Rocks
Episode 4: Zero G
Episode 21: The Sunspot Mystery
Episode 24: Cannabis
Episode 32: The Lysenko Affair
Episode 16: The Secrets of Sleep
Episode 7: Where Did the Colorado Go?
Episode 2: Worlds in Collision
Episode 29: The Making of a Natural History Film
Episode 16: Rail Crash
Episode 15: The Wizard Who Spat on the Floor
Episode 2: Navajo - The Last Red Indians
Episode 28: The Crab Nebula
Episode 6: The Knowledge Explosion
Episode 4: Strangeness Minus Three