Beat Bobby Flay (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

About: The title of this series is Beat Bobby Flay which was first released in the year 2014 and is known to be in the reality-tv genre. You can enjoy watching the episodes here for free. Putlockers will add new episode once it is available online. You can choose which episode to watch below.

Plot: Two talented chefs go head-to-head for the chance to Beat Bobby Flay. To get to Bobby the chefs must first face off against each other, creating a spectacular dish with a secret ingredient of Bobby's choice. Judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Jeff Mauro know Bobby's strengths and his weaknesses. Their goal: Pick the chef who has the skills to take down Bobby Flay in his own arena. The winning chef gets to challenge Bobby with his or her surprise signature dish. If Bobby goes down, the winner can tell the world, "I beat Bobby Flay!" Read More

Next Episode 28x7 Date: Nov 2nd



Episode 7: Don't Be Crabby
Episode 6: Scallop Over the Finish Line
Episode 5: Last Man Grilling
Episode 4: Romancing the Flay
Episode 3: It's All Jackfruit to Me
Episode 2: Hate to Burst Your Shark
Episode 1: Bobby and the Chocolate Factory
Episode 13: The Puck Stops Here
Episode 12: Beets Me
Episode 11: Let the Trumpet Sound!
Episode 10: Rambutan Rumble
Episode 9: Grin and Camembert It
Episode 8: Mission: Impastable
Episode 7: Peas of Mind
Episode 6: That's a Lotta Ciabatta
Episode 5: The Battle for Saratoga
Episode 4: Flirting with Victory
Episode 3: Veggin' Out
Episode 2: Best in Snow
Episode 1: A Berry Crazy Night
Episode 14: Power Trip
Episode 13: You Made Your Bread, Now Eat It
Episode 12: If I Dip, You Dip, We Dip
Episode 11: Belly Up!
Episode 10: Too Fly for Flay
Episode 9: It's All Gravy
Episode 8: Who's the Boss
Episode 7: Friday Night Bites
Episode 6: Blondes Have More Fun
Episode 5: How You Bean?
Episode 4: Forecasting a Win
Episode 3: Don't Be Salty
Episode 2: 25 Ingredients or Less
Episode 1: Mustache Takeover
Episode 17: All About That Baste
Episode 16: The Nightmare Before Pastry
Episode 15: Double Trouble
Episode 14: A Sticky Situation
Episode 13: The Dynamic Duo
Episode 12: You're Masa-ing With Me!
Episode 11: Going Global
Episode 10: It's All Gouda
Episode 9: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Episode 8: Fresh-Squeezed
Episode 7: So Much Shade
Episode 6: Beat Bobby Flay: The Musical
Episode 5: Superchef, Supermodel
Episode 4: Go Nuts!
Episode 3: Gives You Goosebumps
Episode 2: Summer Lovin'
Episode 1: Ready, Set, Grill!
Episode 13: No Cake Walk
Episode 12: Sibling Rivalry
Episode 11: The Grill Fits the Bill
Episode 10: BBF: Beat my Best Friend
Episode 9: Blast from the Past
Episode 8: Don't Sugarcoat It
Episode 7: All Dried Out Over You
Episode 6: The View from the Top
Episode 5: We'll Be the Judge
Episode 4: The Queen Returns
Episode 3: This Just In!
Episode 2: The Lady Butchers
Episode 1: The Queen Is In
Episode 12: Guess Who's Back?
Episode 11: The Power of Jane
Episode 10: We Will, We Will Judge You
Episode 9: Chocolate Covered Clash
Episode 8: The Cheese Stands Alone
Episode 7: This'll Stick In Your Craw
Episode 6: Perched For Victory
Episode 5: Pretty Little Fryer
Episode 4: America's Funniest Food Show
Episode 3: That's Amore
Episode 2: Don't Fiddle Around
Episode 1: You Look Radishing
Episode 13: Winter Win-derland
Episode 12: A Good Day for a Win
Episode 11: Gobble Till You Wobble
Episode 10: It Must've Been Love
Episode 9: Keeping It Real
Episode 8: They Had Style, They Had Food, They Were There!
Episode 7: Fey vs. Flay
Episode 6: Bobby vs. Food
Episode 5: It's Gonna Be Jarring
Episode 4: All in the Family
Episode 3: It's Gonna Be a Late Night
Episode 2: A Pioneering Ordeal
Episode 1: A Proper Smackdown
Episode 9: Funny or Fried
Episode 8: Break A Plate!
Episode 7: Clear The Deck
Episode 6: Finding Stars
Episode 5: It's a Date
Episode 4: Seeing Stars
Episode 3: Snaked Out
Episode 2: A Taste of Summer
Episode 1: Use Your Noodle
Episode 13: Double Trouble
Episode 12: Chi-town Throws Down
Episode 11: Grind It Out!
Episode 10: Give Me Some Mo!
Episode 9: Bye Bye Birdie
Episode 8: Flame-tastic!
Episode 7: Making Headlines
Episode 6: Grapes of Wrath
Episode 5: Something's Fishy
Episode 4: Pump It Up
Episode 3: A Tropical Punch
Episode 2: They Took the Cheese
Episode 1: Against the Grain
Episode 13: Nutty Times
Episode 12: A Marital Match
Episode 11: Greeking Out
Episode 10: Mince Meat
Episode 9: Don't Sour Out
Episode 8: Off to the Races
Episode 7: Don't Drop the Beat (Bobby)!
Episode 6: Choc-O-Love
Episode 5: Getting Nutty
Episode 4: Old Friends
Episode 3: Game On
Episode 2: Take Him to Fresno
Episode 1: Oh Brother
Episode 13: Heavy Lifting
Episode 12: Sweet, Sweet Revenge!
Episode 11: Sprouting Victory
Episode 8: Say Cheese!
Episode 7: Stuffed with Victory
Episode 5: Baked to Perfection
Episode 3: Family Matters
Episode 1: Fright Club
Episode 12: Chop of the Mornin' To Ya
Episode 11: Feel the Judgment
Episode 10: Skating By
Episode 9: Fit to Flay
Episode 8: Joke's On Bobby
Episode 7: Chocolate Victory
Episode 5: Winning in My Dreams
Episode 4: Fields of Greens
Episode 3: Flying Aubergines
Episode 2: Culinary Knockout
Episode 1: Waltz up a Win
Episode 13: Judges as Contenders
Episode 10: Skirting By
Episode 9: Beauty and the Beast
Episode 8: Food Star Face-Off
Episode 7: Eye of the Tiger
Episode 5: Stealing the Spotlight
Episode 4: Sprung a Leek
Episode 2: Worldly Ways
Episode 1: Red Hot
Episode 6: Sour With the Sweet
Episode 3: Bobby Gets Sacked
Episode 13: Peeling Away
Episode 12: Midwest Swing
Episode 11: Clamming Up
Episode 10: Who Done It?
Episode 9: Cracking a Win
Episode 8: Holidays Are For Battle
Episode 7: Rotten Tomatoes for Bobby
Episode 6: Sea Shells by the Sea Shore
Episode 5: Turkey's Done
Episode 4: The Iron Age
Episode 3: Ain't That Dandy
Episode 2: Take a Bao
Episode 1: Feeling Bleu
Episode 13: We're All Family Here
Episode 12: Boil and Trouble
Episode 11: Drop the Knife
Episode 10: Number One Baby
Episode 9: Pulling Out All the Stops
Episode 8: Feathered and Fried
Episode 7: International Showdown
Episode 6: Familiar Names and Faces
Episode 5: Chop Chop
Episode 4: Green, White and Red
Episode 3: Bear-ware
Episode 2: Fancy vs. Rustic
Episode 1: Sugar and Spice, but Not So Nice
Episode 13: Record Breaking
Episode 12: Salty and Sweet
Episode 7: Friends in All Places
Episode 5: Inside Scoop
Episode 12: I Thought We Were Friends!
Episode 10: Sweet But Sour
Episode 8: Roll With the Punches
Episode 5: The Grid Iron Chef
Episode 4: Too Biggs to Fail
Episode 3: Bro-Down Showdown
Episode 2: Better Late Than Never
Episode 1: All at Stake
Episode 13: Like Father, Like Daughter
Episode 9: Thanks but No Thanksgiving
Episode 8: Country Boys in the Big City
Episode 7: Surprise Surprise!
Episode 5: Che-sing Glory
Episode 3: Howdy Halloween
Episode 2: Shore Fire Strategy
Episode 13: Dark Horses Still Kick
Episode 9: Who's Got This in the Bag?
Episode 7: Stop, Drop and Roll
Episode 6: Ladies Night
Episode 5: Dancing with the Devil
Episode 4: Green with Envy
Episode 13: A Little Bit Country
Episode 12: Fingerlings Crossed!
Episode 10: Star Power
Episode 7: Riding the Wave
Episode 6: Just Act Natural
Episode 2: Pie in the Sky
Episode 6: The Boys are Back
Episode 5: A Feather in your Cap
Episode 4: Sweet and Spicy
Episode 1: Poking and Prodding
Episode 13: Strike While the Iron's Hot
Episode 10: Roasting on an Open Fire
Episode 8: Let's Talk Turkey
Episode 4: Back With a Vengeance
Episode 2: Settling the Score
Episode 8: Rise to the Occasion
Episode 7: Worst-Case Scenario
Episode 6: Rollin' Deep
Episode 2: Who's Your Daddy?
Episode 1: No Fear
Episode 8: East Coast's Finest
Episode 6: No Training Wheels
Episode 5: Raising the Bar
Episode 4: Culinary Validation
Episode 1: Foreign Relations
Episode 12: Defend the House
Episode 11: Clash of the Culinary Titans
Episode 6: Bells Will Be Ringing
Episode 3: Gobbled Up
Episode 2: Surf and Turf
Episode 13: Orange Is the New Beat
Episode 12: Only in New York
Episode 11: Sun Up to Show Down
Episode 10: Against All Odds
Episode 6: Ladies First
Episode 2: East vs. West
Episode 8: Beauty and the Feast
Episode 7: Old School; New School
Episode 6: Welcome To New York!
Episode 5: Fighting Irish
Episode 4: Farmer and the Belle
Episode 3: Eat, Flay, Love
Episode 2: Up in Smoke!
Episode 1: Old Dog, New Tricks