Apple & Onion (2016)


Genre: Animation , Short , Comedy , Family , Music

About: The title of this series is Apple & Onion which was first released in the year 2016 and is known to be in the animation, short, comedy, family and music genres. You can enjoy watching the episodes here for free. Putlockers will add new episode once it is available online. You can choose which episode to watch below.

Plot: Set in a world populated by anthropomorphic food, Apple and Onion, a pair of childlike newcomers to the big city, attempt to fit in to their new surroundings. Read More



Episode 37: Rotten Apple
Episode 35: Dragonhead
Episode 33: The Music Store Thief
Episode 31: Appleoni
Episode 30: River of Gold
Episode 29: Apple's Formula
Episode 28: Selfish Shellfish
Episode 27: Sausage and Sweetie Smash
Episode 26: Follow Your Dreams
Episode 25: Positive Attitude Theory
Episode 24: Apple's Short
Episode 22: Party Pooper
Episode 21: Onionless
Episode 20: Not Funny
Episode 19: Baby Boi TP
Episode 18: Burger's Trampoline
Episode 17: Apple's In Charge
Episode 16: Heatwave
Episode 15: Whale Spotting
Episode 14: Fun Proof
Episode 13: Gyranoid of the Future
Episode 12: Lil Noodle
Episode 10: Block Party
Episode 9: Pancake's Bus Tour
Episode 8: Bottle Catch
Episode 7: Hotdog's Movie Premiere
Episode 6: 4 on 1
Episode 5: Apple's In Trouble
Episode 4: Falafel's Fun Day
Episode 3: Tips
Episode 2: The Perfect Team
Episode 1: A New Life